CSE happily welcomes student entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are the largest university entrepreneurship community in Denmark. Most of the startups are cross-disciplinary and since the start of CSE, we have had startup students from more than 90 different nationalities.

If you are not quite ready to apply for the CSE Programmes, then stop by our office on the 2nd floor every Wednesday between 2-4pm.
You will get feedback from the CSE staff on your idea/startup and learn about what CSE can offer you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Free office space 24/7, business development, incubator programme, mentors, workshops, match-up, an international growth program and a lot more. Furthermore, all startups are offered one year of free insurance sponsored by TRYG, accounting counselling from KPMG, and weekly sessions with experienced lawyers.

The incubator Proof Programme is split into several phases, depending on where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. We have the expertise to support you based on where you are on your path towards a marketable product. We will support you in turning your idea into a business.

Whether you are at the idea, concept or business stage we welcome you to apply and look forward to following your journey! The only two requirements for applying are that you are a student or recent graduate and have a business idea!

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Are you a step further along the journey and ready to scale your company? Read more about our acceleration programs below.

Proof of Idea

Talking to people about your idea and getting initial feedback is the first step on the journey of taking your idea and turning it into a sustainable business. Applying to the Proof Programme is the first step.

Proof of Concept
3 months

You get 3 months to test your hypotheses, by developing proto/pretotypes and approaching potential customers to learn about their problems and if your product/service can fulfill their needs.

Proof of Business
6 months

If you have proven your concept, maybe also by seeing traction from first customers, we offer another 6 months stay at CSE where you can build your concept into a viable and sustainable business.

Get started

Not ready to apply for the full Proof Programme just yet? Stop by CSE for Open Wednesday, every Wednesday between 14-16h. to get feedback on your ideas and learn about your next step.

No need to book an appointment - just show up at CSE on the 2nd floor, and we will be there to let you present your ideas and give you feedback on what your next steps could be.

Accelerator programmes

Grow your startup!

The Go Grow Startup Accelerator is an experience-based educational programme, which is driven by mentorship, access to financing sources, to CSE and CBS extended network of entrepreneurs, business executives, experts and scholars, helping early stage startup companies grow their companies towards international scale. The equity-free and industry-agnostic accelerator, offers four months of high-quality guidance, training and resources from mentors, partners and investors. The supportive alumni network continues into the startups' post-Go Grow Accelerator lifespan.

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Scale up and go global!

Digital Growth Path (DGP) is an Industry 4.0 focused part of the Go Grow programme. Target companies work within Robotics, IoT, AI, VR, AR, 3D print, and sensor technologies for manufacturing. Developed in cooperation with the Danish Industry Foundation and a range of university and business partners, DGP aims to accelerate manufacturing-tech entrepreneurs by educational modules and peer-interaction. The DGP startup companies apply through the same competitive Go Grow process and work alongside the entrepreneurs in the Go Grow programme.

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Do an internship in a startup

If you wish to integrate your startup into your academic world – now is your chance! You can do an internship in your own CSE approved startup and earn ECTS points. Or if you have a CSE startup, either as currently part of the Proof Programme or a CSE alumni company, it is now possible to get interns from CBS who get ECTS points while getting hands on experience working in your startup.

Currently only possible for CBS students who are on their 5th semester of their Bachelor’s degree or the 3rd semester on their Master’s – and not on all study programmes.

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Early stage development of startups

We are spearheading a research project to learn more about the activities and decision-making that take place in the CSE lab. This research aims to uncover startup patterns and to ultimately provide entrepreneurs at CSE with insights into how their startup develops over time. Once you are part of our proof program, you will participate in a monthly survey that includes questions about yourself as a founder, your startup, its business model, your team and stakeholders. The results are advantageous to you and your startup, to the CSE program, and will put CBS at the forefront of entrepreneurship research and education.

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Empowering female entrepreneurial students

The RISE Programme was an entrepreneurship talent programme for female students at CBS and partner universities.

The programme was tailored to make entrepreneurial souls rise above the challenges that can appear when creating business, but also to rise above inner barriers that puts a thorn in revealing the talent and potential within.


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CSE Start-up Hacks take place 3-4 times a year. For one day, we bring together 5 early-stage start-ups from universities across Copenhagen with 40 business-savvy students from CBS to overcome the business challenges they face.

The event includes micro-workshops on business models and strategic planning, as well as dedicated hours for the 5 groups to work on a specific challenge, with support from CSE’s Business Developers.

The Start-up Hacks are funded by the Otto Mønsteds Fond and will continue to run until August 2020.

To find out more about these events, check out this short video. Information about upcoming Start-up Hacks will be posted to our Facebook page.